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Tion Wayne And Aitch Link Up On Brand New Track 'Let's Go'

Tion Wayne And Aitch Link Up On Brand New Track 'Let's Go'

Author: Tom Dingley | Thursday 6th October 2022

Tion Wayne and Aitch collaborate on brand new track with accompanying visuals for 'Let's Go'.

Tion Wayne and Aitch is a formula that we have seen works very well in the past, and they have joined forces again on this brand new single titled 'Let's Go'. The song is a feel-good track for both the men and the ladies to enjoy but will definitely hit harder for all the female fans of the pair. Both artists come into this track with their own swagger and confidence that they are known and loved for, matching the vibe of the track and also making the delivery of the bars more authentic.

The track - produced by WhyJay and Litek - samples Lil Wayne's iconic track 'Mrs. Officer' and has a mellow vibe to it as Tion Wayne and Aitch do their thing talking to the ladies, dropping some flexes and most importantly just having fun with what they are doing - as the music video shows.

The music video - directed by Wowa - starts off with Speed reacting to a video of Tion trying his hand at golf and reacting in a way which only IShowSpeed can, which is a nice touch considering his popularity right now, and then goes on to show Tion Wayne and Aitch and their two ladies playing golf and just having a good time - perfect for the feel of the track.

The music video for 'Let's Go' is available to watch below.