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Jordan Drops Hard-Hitting Daily Duppy Freestyle

Jordan Drops Hard-Hitting Daily Duppy Freestyle

Author: Tom Dingley | Thursday 20th October 2022

Jordan Drops Hard-Hitting Daily Duppy Freestyle Photograph

Salford's very own Jordan is back with a brand new, hard-hitting Daily Duppy freestyle.

The second time Jordan has featured on GRM Daily's freestyle platform, he came to this one with a plan to do what he does best which is let people know that he really is about this. Spitting his bars with a real raw passion and emotion behind what he says and the way he delivers it, Jordan shows that he has the hunger to change his situation which acts as a really inspiring story for his fans to follow and for other people to show that you really can get out of that place.

From moving prison to prison, to getting a Fire In The Booth that has amassed 13million views, collaborating with the likes of Morrison, Tion Wayne, M24 and featuring in the brand new Amazon Prime series 'Jungle' alongside a number of his peers, Jordan has had a crazy story from the bottom to the top, and even says in this freestyle about his mother that "she drove on missions and did s**t that you wouldn't believe" which again just cements the fact that he was born into this lifestyle and gives his bars a seriously authentic feel. and makes the fact that he is now in the position that he is in even more impressive than it would already be.

Watch Jordan's Daily Duppy below.