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Loski Takes The Spotlight In His New 'Daily Duppy' Freestyle

Loski Takes The Spotlight In His New 'Daily Duppy' Freestyle

Author: Tom Dingley | Friday 21st October 2022

Loski is the next artist to take centre stage as he delivers over not one, but two beats on his latest 'Daily Duppy'.

Loski - of Harlem Spartans - takes the spotlight as he bodies not one but two beats in his latest Daily Duppy freestyle for GRMDaily.The first beat showcases Loski delivering his bars in a more calm manner, doing what he does best in his braggadocious bag and flexing whilst still incorporating that street talk that he has always had within his raps.

The second beat kicks in with a 'Ready Or Not' sample and sounds a lot darker and more militant, which is then matched by the bars - "Ready or not means more than banging, you gotta be prepared for the bird" - and the tone of Loski's delivery which sounds much more serious and like he is talking to the listeners on a serious one.

Watch Loski's 'Daily Duppy' below.