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Dapz On The Map Has 'Landed' With His Debut Album

Dapz On The Map Has 'Landed' With His Debut Album

Author: Tom Dingley | Friday 28th October 2022

Birmingham multifaceted veteran artist Dapz On The Map returns and has dropped off his brand new project, titled 'Landed'.

Dapz On The Map has just dropped his latest project - his first album in an over 10 year long career. Consisting of 11 tracks, the album showcases not only Dapz's talent across different styles of music as he showcases his vocals over RnB style tracks, but also his ability to shell it down on a more Grimey flow, but also we get to see a very vulnerable side to Dapz, as he shows that through his career he has been on a journey, and has now realised what the things most important to him are, and that he is in one of the best places that he has been - in his career and in life in general.

The vulnerability shows the most on tracks like 'Beautiful' featuring Pheleba which comes paired with visuals of Dapz with his family, and even shows his wife giving birth to their daughter. The track is Dapz's way of giving thanks for his family and how beautiful his current situation with them is. Opening up like this on a track can be difficult for artists to do, but Dapz has embraced that and really shown that he is thankful for what he has.

Dapz re-found his form to make tracks throughout the pandemic following spells where he felt he had lost motivation and inspiration. Preparing for what he knew would be a huge year for himself, he released double-single ‘Connecting Flights’ before a collaboration with Tempa and featured alongside UB40 for the 2022 Commonwealth Games lead single ‘Champion’. Offering full transparency throughout, this album reflects on themes of personal growth and self-reflection to mark a landmark moment in his career.
Showcasing his strong combination of delivery, wordplay and flow, lead singles ‘Contingency’ and ‘Give Thanks’ were a re-introduction for Dapz to his ever-faithful fanbase with production from Swifta Beater. A portion of the album provides a more melodic version of Dapz, including a modern-day love story, ‘Holding It Down’ and ‘Beautiful’ alongside Pheleba that remains integral to his discography. Closing the project, ‘Memory Lane’ provides a statement of intent outlining his life journey so far in maestro storytelling form.
The album is out now, head over to Spotify and Apple Music to hear it, support Dapz On The Map's debut project.