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Dior Ashe Releases New Visuals To 'Gwarn Wid It'

Dior Ashe Releases New Visuals To 'Gwarn Wid It'

Author: Chloe Mykel | Friday 18th November 2022

Dior Ashe Releases New Visuals To 'Gwarn Wid It' Photograph

Dior Ashe talks on her newly released EP 'Chill Pill', the brand new visuals for her track 'Gwarn Wid It' and more...

Your EP ‘Chill Pill’ dropped not long ago…congratulations! For anyone that hasn’t heard it yet, how would you sum it up in just 3 words?

Thank you! I’d sum it up as 'uplifting, inspirational and vibey'.

What was the process like coming up with the concept for the ‘Gwarn Wid It’ video?

I wanted the music video for 'Gwarn Wid It' to represent the process I take following a break up, so I wanted to showcase self care and tapping into my creativity, as well as having good people around me, which are my girls, and us spending time together and uplifting each other. The videographer FP Visions and I met up and shared ideas for what we thought would work best to portray this.

How involved are you creatively in things like visuals, photoshoots and styling etc?

I enjoy being self-sufficient and I’m a big creative at heart; so I’m used to doing my own artwork, visuals for promo as well as styling. Recently though, I’ve been open to collaborating with some very talented creatives - I’ve been doing shoots with Dexter and for my EP listening party I was styled by Suleeqo.

I heard you had an exclusive listening party ahead of the EP release - give us the run down!

I had the amazing opportunity working with you guys at 1994 Collective who supported me with bringing my 'Chill Pill EP Listening Party' to reality. This was my first listening party and it went so well - I honestly was overwhelmed with gratitude. Physically seeing all the support was super warming and because of its intimate setting I was able to speak with everyone there. I had a selection of tasty food platters, a tracklist themed cocktail menu and The WAEV) brought the good vibes with his DJ set.

What was the most important part about putting together a body of work for you?

Aside from lyrics and melodies, I feel the most important thing is mindset - trusting the process, having patience with my craft and just allowing my creativity to flow.

Did you have to compromise on any of your plans/aspirations for the project?

Finding a balance between full time support work and music was most likely my biggest compromise. Though I find support work very rewarding, I found myself not always having the creative energy to put into my music. So my day job was put on hold until my long overdue project was completed.

Who’s your favourite music artist from your home of West London?

I can't pick just one! I'd say Risky Javan, WSTRN, Angel and Cleo Sol. Oh, and a few honourable artists outside of West London are Che Lingo, Lylo Gold, Samwise, Minikingz, Ayeisha Raquel and Eklipse.

Can we expect anything else exciting in the near future from you?

Yes! More visuals, more performances, more music, more collaborations with creatives...stay tuned!

Who would be your dream UK collab?

Hmm, honestly I can’t think of solely one. All of the artists I mentioned as my favourites I’d love to collab with! I’m manifesting it...

Tap into the brand new visuals for Dior's track 'Gwarn Wid It' from her EP 'Chill Pill' below...

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