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Meekz Joins Amelia ForLatest Episode Of 'Chicken Shop Date'

Meekz Joins Amelia ForLatest Episode Of 'Chicken Shop Date'

Author: Giorgia Francis | Sunday 27th November 2022

Amelia returns with another episode of her 'Chicken Shop Date', this time being joined by Manchester rapper Meekz.

Amelia and Meekz hit it off straight away and the episode is filled with jokes, gifts and insight into who Meekz is. The show kicks off with Meekz gifting Amelia a top to match his, before delving into his career, what his future holds including children, his confidence with women and how he handles his day to day with his well-known mask.

The Chicken Shop Date episode debuts a week after his new mixtape has been release, Respect the Come Up, which made its way into the top 20 of the UK Albums Chart, securing 12th place.

To find out more, click play below: