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Join The Urban Music Arts & Business Project In Brixton

Join The Urban Music Arts & Business Project In Brixton

Author: Tevyn J | Wednesday 7th December 2022

Join The Urban Music Arts & Business Project In Brixton Photograph

Join the Urban Music Arts & Business Projectin Brixton. Register your interest via the info in the flyer aboveor via the details below.

The Lambeth Climate Youth Action Group, ICIC & YES Ltd have sponsored The Salam Project to host a music production, business and recording project in the heart of Brixton. It has been hosted at the Brixton Recording Studio (owned by Brixton legend Jaja Soze)

When asked, we were told the aim of the project is to encourage young artists (aged 15 - 25 year olds) to make music with a wider subject range. It’s not always about selling drugs, crime, ex love drama, slackness, gang banging etc.

The other aims were to encourage more young artists from South London to produce music that touches on more social issues, like the environment, economic crisis, global warming, energy crisis, legitimate social mobility, aspirations, pollution, peaceful activism, the ozone layer, diversity and inclusion. Then the plan is to make a

Ismael of The Salam Project has been project managing this initiative with a diligent music video director tutor (Lawrence Brown of Nasty Larry Ltd Productions) music production tutor underground music producer (Ilyas of Ilz Production) and music business income tutor who teaches new artists about 10 streams of income (Otis Willis of Le Noir PR U.K.)

They intend to replicate this project around London and the U.K. due to requests from various schools, PRU’s, prisons and community groups. Due to the reprise of knife crime, gang crime, county lines and even gun crime in South London. This project aims to be a positive alternative for young people in the community. The project aims to inspire and encourage the next generation of artists to be more socially conscious when writing their songs.

Julian, one of the youth mentors from The Salam Project said,
"We are planning to run this project in Harlesden (north west London) and Moss Side (Manchester) in the coming months too because we have seen the need."

Ismael Lea South said,

"During lockdown, we hosted music business seminars and we said that after lockdown that we will bring it to the people after lockdown. Many thanks to ICIC, YES Ltd & Lambeth Climate Youth Action Group for sponsoring this much needed project."

Tracy a single mother from Brixton who’s son is taking part in the project stated,

"We need more programmes like this for the young people in the community and we don’t need any more talk or fake promises."

If you want to know more about this project please
Contact The Salam Project via their website or hit them up via email: