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Krept & Konan Join Forces With Abra Cadabra On 'Dat Way'

Krept & Konan Join Forces With Abra Cadabra On 'Dat Way'

Author: Tom Dingley | Monday 30th January 2023

Krept and Konan have joined forces with OFB's Abra Cadabra to deliver 'Dat Way'.

A combination of artists that has proven to work so well have joined forces again to deliver brand new banger 'Dat Way'. Krept and Konan have worked together before on the remix of Abra Cadabra's 'Robbery Remix' and following that success they have decided to run it back and deliver in the form of hard new track 'Dat Way'.

Kicking off with Abra's unique tone and delivery on the hook, doing what he does best and setting the tone of the track. His deep delivery, and ability to flow and make a hook on a drill tune so catchy shine through on this track once again and he really sets the tone over the eerily produced beat courtesy of Nav Michael and Parked Up.

The first verse comes from Krept and as he so often does, he goes in on this track, with his wordplay - 'You would think he was from Naij the way he was shouting you robber!' - and the way he flexes on tracks being different, for example 'we sign more cheques than petitions' and of course mentioning his daughter's 'Nala's Baby' products saying 'million pounds for my daughter, you ain't got more money than Nala'.

Konan also does his thing on this track, with the conviction in his delivery matching the energy that he comes with in his bars. Talking that real talk that he so often does, and also delivering some comedic bars in a way that he manages to do so well - 'all of my n****s are tapped, now let that sink in'.

Abra Cadabra brings his energy and deep, dark delivery in at the end for a verse and we all know what Abra is capable of on a track, and the authenticity that comes with these attributes. The street talk and the way Abra Cadabra words it in his verse and uses his voice to his advantage is always great, and he shows it once again on this track.

The music video for 'Dat Way' is live now and you can watch it in full below.