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ArrDee Claps Back At The Haters On New Track 'Loser'

ArrDee Claps Back At The Haters On New Track 'Loser'

Author: Tom Dingley | Monday 30th January 2023

Brighton's very own "cheeky chappy" ArrDee is back with a clap-back to his haters in brand new track 'Loser'.

It seems ArrDee has had enough of all the trolls online and has decided to clap back in the form of his brand new single and music video 'Loser'. Using his creativity he has used haters online comments against him and turned it into a track to let those haters know that he has no plans of going anywhere.

The cheeky chappy from Brighton comes with an infectious energy on this one, with a catchy hook that is likely to get stuck in people's heads, and turning the hate comments into bars throughout the whole track. Using the comments that he has received online is a great touch, and the way in which he has flipped them and created this song out of them with a music video to show people that he does not care at all what people say is very intelligent - 'He ain't got bars he just parties and clarts birds, flies around the world first class with his dargs there, stays in the charts forever thinking hes f*ckin' sick, little pr*ck'.

The music video shows ArrDee poking fun at the comments as he sits with some of his plaques, watching his own music videos and showcasing some very expensive clothing/watches throughout.

You can watch ArrDee's latest music video below.