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Kwengface Delivers Cold New Video For 'Ben10' Announces 'The Memoir Mixtape'

Kwengface Delivers Cold New Video For 'Ben10' Announces 'The Memoir Mixtape'

Author: Tom Dingley | Monday 30th January 2023

Kwengface is back to deliver a cold new music video in the form of 'Ben10 (Man 'Ah Get)' and announce that a new mixtape is en route.

Kwengface is back with a brand new track titled 'Ben10' from his upcoming tape 'The Memoirs'. On this track Kweng combines all the elements of his style so effortlessly in this one. He is flexing throughout the track and the accompanying music video, but also talking that street talk, showing the position that his hard work in the music scene has got him to. Keeping his usual conviction in his delivery, and the energy, on a beat that you may not think would be able to work with that sort of energy - courtesy of Carns Hill - and doing it as well as he does in this track is testament to the fact that he has found what works for him, is clearly enjoying himself doing it and most importantly is doing it at a great level.

Taking away the track itself, you have to address that Kwengface has shown that he is upping the levels with this brand new music video for his track 'Ben10'. Filmed out in Iceland and its famous Blue Lagoon and Katla Ice Caves, dripped out in designer and surrounded by a range of cars, the visuals for this track are crystal clear and look amazing - credit to MadBrothers Productions.

To see this absolute movie of a music video, you do not have to go anywhere, you can watch itbelow.