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Krept And Konan + Abra Cadabra Bring Out International Allstar Lineup For 'Dat Way' Remix

Krept And Konan + Abra Cadabra Bring Out International Allstar Lineup For 'Dat Way' Remix

Author: Tom Dingley | Friday 24th February 2023

Krept and Konan and Abra Cadabra have pulled out all the stops for their 'Dat Way' remix, bringing out a trans-atlantic line up of stars.

Krept and Konan and Abra Cadabra have just released the remix of their collaboration 'Dat Way' and they have brought out almost a whole football team worth of talent to drop a verse on the track. Featuring the likes of K-Trap, Clavish, PA Salieu, Backroad Gee, French Montana, Bandokay, Double Lz, DoRoad, and the iconic Beenie Man - the first time he has featured on a drill track.

12 artists on one track sounds like a lot, but when the quality from each and every one of those artists is on display it makes so much sense. Kicking off with Krept's original verse which went hard in the original track, and still hits the same on the remix, and then wasting no time getting into Backroad Gee's verse with his ever high energy and unique delivery.

Following Backroad Gee we have the first really overseas artist in French Montana who definitely understood the assignment and does not sound out of place on this track. Next we have one of the most in form artists at the moment in Clavish, who can seem to do no wrong at the moment when it comes to any verse he lays on a track - and this is no exception.

Following a quick hook from Abra Cadabra, and Konan's verse which - similar to Krept's - is the same as the original track but goes just as hard the second time around. Then we get into Beenie Man's verse and it is very interesting to see how he does on this track as it is the first time he has jumped on a drill track, and he definitely does not let anyone down. Bringing his own Jamaican flavour to the track, Beenie Man adds something different to the track, but does not take away from the dark, hard-hitting style of the track.

Following Beenie Man we have Pa Salieu and you'd think it might be difficult to follow someone with Beenie Man's level of experience but PA Salieu does not shy away from the challenge. OFB's very own are next, as Bandokay and Double Lz take to the forefront and do what they do so well, with their sick flows and delivery. Finally, to see us out we have K-Trap and DoRoad both going in on their verses and not pulling any punches, with their usual street bars and ability to make the listeners visualise things with their words.

Watch the music video for 'Dat Way' remix above. Let us know down below who you think went the hardest in the comment section below.