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JBEE Releases His First single of the year, 'Heart On Ice'

JBEE Releases His First single of the year, 'Heart On Ice'

Author: Tom Dingley | Tuesday 28th February 2023

MOBO nominated rapper JBEE is back with his first single of 2023, aptly titled 'Heart On Ice'.

Following on from the success of his tracks 'Talking Stage' and '24's', JBEE is back with a brand new track to kick off his 2023. Sticking with his lo-fi drill style, this track is a painfully relatable song about betrayal and heartbreak which is bound to make anyone feel some type of way - as matched up by the music video which features TikToker Jordan Hersey.

JBEE has a good year last year, and is looking to build upon that this year, as he was nminated for a MOBO towards the back end of last year and the momentum is really in his favour.

The music video captures the journey of a young romance before things eventually turn sour - something almost everybody is likely to be able to empathise with. The background sample - produced by Benji - perfectly complements the catchy and infectious hook that will have listeners singing along in no time. JBEE’s flow is smooth and he almost rides the beat effortlessly, delivering his bars in almost a story telling fashion and due to the relatability of the track, they instantly hit.

The music video for this track is out now, and available to watch right here.