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Berna Delivers 'Straight Outta Newham' Music Video

Berna Delivers 'Straight Outta Newham' Music Video

Author: Tom Dingley | Friday 17th March 2023

East London based rapper, Berna is back, as he returns with a brand new track and and a clean set of visuals to accompany it, titled 'Straight Outta Newham'.

Berna is back and delivers the brand new music video to his latest effort, 'Straight Outta Newham'. The track is Berna's way of depicting his life in East London, the bus he took, and the things he saw with no frills attached. The cinematic Double Or Nothing produced video featured references to 90s golden era hip-hop, as well as crystal clear shots of East London - to help go along with the story that Berna skillfully tells with his lyrics.

The track kicks off with a sample - 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' - and Berna comes in with the opening line which closes down the sentiment set out by the sample: "Nah, everybody loves violence". The way he uses this as the first line considering the sample that is used is very smart, and really catches the listeners attention straight away.

The music video for 'Straight Outta Newham' is out now, watch it below.