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SONGER Unveils His Fourth Solo Project 'SKALA' #REVIEW

SONGER Unveils His Fourth Solo Project 'SKALA' #REVIEW

Author: Tom Dingley | Thursday 20th April 2023

SONGER Unveils His Fourth Solo Project 'SKALA' #REVIEW Photograph

SONGER has just released his debut project 'SKALA' and showcases what he is able to do over a range of different styles.

This album is SONGER's fourth album already - following his prior releases in 'Dreamworkz', 'Lyrics For Sanity' and 'The Sunrise Project' - and just like these releases, he is unapologetically himself throughout. Spitting hard verses over everything from Hip-Hop beats to Drum and Bass, Garage, and even some Funky Disco, SONGER really shows his personality from start to finish on this album and the range he has is crazy.

Opening up with the title track of the project 'SKALA', SONGER kicks things off with a thought provoking opener which sounds like a poem as he compares his life to that of his dogs - "I've never seen my dog waste a day of her life, every day she wakes up with love in her eyes, me I can't relate 'cause I struggle at times, but she'll wag her tail just because I'm alive' - before the beat kicks in and he continues to open up about a multitude of different issues he faces. This track kicks things by giving listeners a sense of who SONGER is and what he is about, rapping with confidence and touching on some serious topics.

Throughout the project we see a range of different sides to SONGER, and one of the sides that stands out is when you can tell just by listening that he is just having fun. One track that shows this ten-fold is 'That's Money'. This track has got festival vibes written all over it as the instant funky intro just hits, and then the saxophone comes in and levels that up some more, and then SONGER comes in effortlessly and confident, with a swagger in his tone and delivery and the energy throughout the track is just impeccable.

There are not too many features throughout the project, and most of them come from some of SONGER's closest friends and Hard Reality peers in Daneo on 'Soft Spot' and Mani DM on Drum and Bass tune 'Ease The Pain'. One of the most notable features on the project however, and one that is a bucket list feature for a whole host of rap artists across the UK is that of Grime legend D Double E on good vibes garage tune '04:59'. This track was the first to be released from the album and features a music video whuch once again gives people a feel of what SONGER's personality is like not just through his music but visually as well.

SONGER seemingly has a very tight knit circle around him and some of those around him are featured on the track (as previously mentioned). One of those is rapper Daneo who features on 'Soft Spot' and matches SONGER's energy and confidence throughout his verse. The chemistry between the two is electric and the way their styles compliment each other works so well. Both armed with witty bars, an abundance of confidence between them, and a clear solid friendship which always works on tracks like this, the track is a great advert for the Hard Reality boys.
SONGER has done a great job of making his lyrics not only witty, smart, and sometimes comedic, but he shows time and time again that his lyrics are relatable, can connect with anybody and he does not try to be something that he is not. As a 22 year old rapper from Reading, his lyrics display that he is just a young man with a passion for making music, having fun but is also trying to figure it out, just like a lot of other people his age. This is shown beautifully on the final three tracks - 'Kids Pt.2', 'Dancing In The Rain' and 'Vertigo' - as he talks about where he is at, what he has got going on in his mind, and directs certain messages at some of his loved ones.
One thing that can be said for this project, is that it is a great display of SONGER's clear talent. Showing off his range, his ability to make tunes that connect with an audience whilst also being a hard project curated of tracks from start to finish that embody what SONGER is all about which is being unapologetically yourself - as mentioned on the second track 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' as he says "This one here is about mindsets, use your instincts, it doesn't matter what f***ing mood you're in, you're still you, unapologetically".
The project is available now to stream via all major digital outlest including Spotify and Apple Music.