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5 N-Dubz Bangers You Should Know!

5 N-Dubz Bangers You Should Know!

Author: Tom Dingley | Thursday 3rd August 2023

5 N-Dubz Bangers You Should Know! Photograph

Along with the new album, N-Dubz recently announced that they will be performing at five open-air headline shows taking place next summer across the UK including a huge show at London’s Gunnersbury Park. Following their momentous return with a sold out four-night run at The O2, demand has never been higher for the London pop heroes. This open-air show at Gunnersbury Park will be the band’s only hometown show in 2023, so be sure to get your tickets before they sell out by visiting Ticketmaster.

N-Dubz returning sent a generation into a frenzy because there was a time where you would not be able to go anywhere without hearing an N-Dubz tune. They were being played on the radio, their songs have been used in movie soundtracks, they were getting played at motives up and down the country and not to mention selling out shows everywhere. So to celebrate this run of headline shows and their only hometown show of the year, we are going to have a look at 5 of N-Dubz top tunes - in no particular order.

1. Playing With Fire feat. Mr Hudson

This track has to be involved in anybody's list of N-Dubz best songs. This track was one of those songs you could not get out of your head, and you would hear it everywhere for a lengthy period of time. This track has amassed nearly 36 million streams on Spotify alone, was all over the radio when it released, and is just a banger. The back and forth on the first verse between Dappy and Mr Hudson, Tulisa coming in on the pre-chorus, and then the tempo increase on the iconic chorus - a chorus which everyone still knows word for word to this day.

2. Ouch

This track is one of the main examples of Tulisa taking centre stage and showcasing her vocal ability, as well as shining a light on the ability of the trio to tell a story with their lyrics. The story is a tale that is all too familiar for some, and N-Dubz did a great job of painting a picture of the situation. The track had it all in terms of replay value, relatability, and each member of the group had a part of the story to tell. On a side note, it features that legendary 'name's Shaniqua and what' ad lib which can never be forgotten.

3. Papa Can You Hear Me
This song had everyone singing their heart out back in the day. The sentiment of the song and how much it meant to every single one of the members of the group make this song even better. It was raw, it was honest, it was emotional. The song was written in memory of the bands manager - Dappy's dad - whom without there would be no N-Dubz. He helped the group to reach new heights and they even named their first album after him (Uncle B). This track was such a fitting tribute, and it was a way for them all to say thank you to the man that had helped them so much on their journey, as well as being a track that resonated with the fans whilst still having that replay value as well which is not easy to do with a song of this style.
4. I Need You
Another banger that everybody knows - there are not many N-Dubz tunes that this doesn't ring true for. They simply found the formula that worked and did it so well that there was no way that they couldn't succeed. The combination of Dappy's rapping/vocals combination, Tulisa's vocals and Fazers ability to rap and flow over the beats chosen is golden, and 'I Need You' is a prime example of the formula working perfectly. This track is N-Dubz personified and showcases everything that they have to offer. This is another track that had a high commercial success and was just a hit with almost everybody, whilst still featuring everything that N-Dubz are about - not to mention the music video for this one being easily memorable too.
5. Girls
Last but not leaast, to end the top 5 N-Dubz picks, we have the banger that is 'Girls'. This track to this day is catchy as f**k and will never get people not singing along to it. Everybody knows the words, Tulisa's iconic 'I am the biggest female boss that ever lived' bar, Dappy's vocals on the hook, this track is infectious, it is fun, this track is another one of those tracks that simply embodies what the group are all about.
Please do not forget, N-Dubz discography is full of absolute bangers, this list is in no particular order and was incredibly difficult to come up with a 5 without leaving songs out. There are plenty of honourable mentions that did not make it onto this list but this is the 5 we came up with. Let us know on Twitter what your top 5 would be, are we close, or are we way off?