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Unknown T Drops Off His Debut Album "Blood Diamond"

Unknown T Drops Off His Debut Album "Blood Diamond"

Author: Tom Dingley | Thursday 25th January 2024

Unknown T Drops Off His Debut Album "Blood Diamond" Photograph

East London Homerton B rapper Unknown T has finally delivered his long awaited debut album "Blood Diamond".

Following on from the success of his first two mixtapes - "Rise Above Hate" and "Adolescence'"- Unknown T has finally given his fans what they have been waiting for. Spanning across 17 tracks which really show fans all of the different strings that Unknown T has to his bow, 'Blood Diamond' is really a new level for Unknown T.

Unknown T's instantly recognisable deep tone of voice and elegant flow add a layer of brilliance to the production throughout the album. The fourth track on ‘Blood Diamond’, a collaboration with Loyle Carner titled ‘Hocus Pocus’, is an artistic decision that works perfectly. Unknown T and Loyle Carner have very different styles within their music, and speak about very different topics, but their slight cockiness and braggadocio means that the combination of the two blends so perfectly on this track.

The production throughout the album is excellent, and with the range of different tracks, allow Unknown T to speak about different topics on different genre's instrumentals and no track is a better example of that than 'Rain' featuring TianaMajor9. The track is a deeper track, more heartfelt than the badness we usually hear from Unknown T. The backing singers and the instruments used in production give it a different flavour to Unknown T's usual.

Unknown T and Digga D also linked up for this album to throw it back to Giggs and Dubz legendary UK rap classic ‘Pain Is Da Essence’. It was always going to be a challenge to match the excellence of the original track, but with their own unique twist, Unknown T and Digga D have done it justice with this new, revamped version of the song.

A massive shoutout to Unknown T, every producer that worked on this album - Remedee, Itchy, Madara, R14, EMIL just to name a few. The job that has been done on this album by everyone involved shows just why Unknown T is truly one of a kind, and can cover virtually every sub-genre of the UK rap scene and still stand solidly on his own.

Check out 'Blood Diamond' on Spotify or Apple Music right here right now.