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Ghetts Delivers Highly Anticipated 'On Purpose With Purpose' Album

Ghetts Delivers Highly Anticipated 'On Purpose With Purpose' Album

Author: Tom Dingley | Tuesday 27th February 2024

Ghetts Delivers Highly Anticipated 'On Purpose With Purpose' Album Photograph

East London Grime and UK Rap veteran, Ghetts, has once again demonstrated his mastery of the genre with his latest album, "On Purpose With Purpose." The title itself hints at the intentionality and significance behind the project, and Ghetts delivers a powerful and purposeful collection of tracks that showcase both his lyrical prowess and his ability to evolve within the grime landscape.

From the opening track, "Intro" Ghetts sets the tone for the album, blending insightful introspection with raw and energetic delivery. The production throughout the album is a testament to Ghetts' meticulous selection, combining gritty beats with intricate melodies that complement his intricate rhyme schemes.

Along with the album, Ghetts also released a Daily Duppy this week which was full of football references throughout the entire freestyle - and the editors once again did their job in illustrating such a bar heavy freestyle. This is definitely one to check out, see how many football bars you can catch.

One of the standout tracks, "Mount Rushmore," features Kano and Wretch 32, bringing 3 of the UK's most highly respected and talented rappers onto one track. This is one of thos tracks that is going to bring on the conversation of "who had the best verse?", but when taken in, and enjoyed as a whole track, we are really looking at three of the greatest to do it all on one track, and every single one of them delivers a verse that shows what they are all about - introspective bars, punchlines, and helping each other to perform at their very best by setting the levels for each other.

Collaborations play a significant role in "On Purpose With Purpose," with Ghetts enlisting a diverse range of artists such as Sampha, Unknown T, Dexta Daps and many more. The chemistry between Ghetts and his collaborators is palpable, adding layers of depth to the album and elevating it to new heights. Ghetts really knows what each track needs, and has definitely enlisted his appropriate counterparts on each track.

Whilst "Conflict of Interest" felt like Ghetts was telling his story, this album feels like he is looking more outwardly, and looking at the stories of those around him. Ghetts in his storytelling bag is arguably one of the most thought-provoking and interesting voices to listen to. Especially with his range of delivery - as shown by the way that he switches up his calm, almost spoken word kind of flow, to his slightly more energetic tracks whilst still gripping the listeners attention and telling those stories.

As the album progresses, Ghetts seamlessly blends introspection with high-energy tracks like "Blood On My Hands" with Unknown T and "Blessings" (featuring Muzi) demonstrating his versatility and ensuring that the album maintains its dynamic momentum from start to finish.

"On Purpose With Purpose" is a testament to Ghetts' longevity and relevance in the grime scene. The album not only solidifies his status as a pioneer in the genre but also showcases his ability to evolve and adapt, keeping his sound fresh and impactful. Ghetts has created an album with purpose, delivering a body of work that not only entertains but also resonates with authenticity and depth.

You can stream "On Purpose With Purpose" on Spotify and Apple Music right now.