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Introducing DUKE Racing 1: A High-Octane SS24 Collection

Introducing DUKE Racing 1: A High-Octane SS24 Collection

Author: Mark Haddon | Monday 22nd April 2024

Prepare to rev your engines and race for pink slips with DUKE Racing 1, the latest adrenaline-fueled collection for thrill-seekers and speed enthusiasts alike.

This season marks the debut of D+D apparel, maintaining the same level of quality and attention to detail that has become synonymous with their name. Offering an entirely unisex lineup, D+D present an elevated interpretation of classic garments, featuring graphics meticulously crafted by their in-house designers, inspired by vintage motorsport decals.

Each garment undergoes a unique treatment process, including custom fade-out dye and manual corrosive finishing, resulting in an aged aesthetic that embodies the spirit of D+D. The designs embrace a slightly boxy yet fitted oversized vintage aesthetic, perfect for everyday wear straight from your bedroom floor.

While the thrill of racing may not be environmentally friendly, D+D prioritize sustainability in their manufacturing process. Utilizing water-based screen-printing and organic vegetable and mineral dyes, they ensure that every piece is crafted with care for both style and the planet. Partnering with one of Europe's finest factories, the brand implements water filtration and recycling techniques to minimize environmental impact.

Crafted with a GSM that strikes the perfect balance between breathability and durability, our garments are unmistakably D+D, embodying high quality without compromise. From the initial concept to the final stitch, each piece is infused with love, care, and obsessive detail, ensuring longevity for years to come.

DUKE Racing welcomes all enthusiasts, with a collection of Printed Penny Loafers complementing the apparel lineup. It's a new chapter in the D+D journey, and we invite you to join them at the finish line. See you there.

DUKE RACING 1 will launch on the 25th of April at 2pm, via