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UK Rap Front Runner Dave Has Teamed Up With New Balance

UK Rap Front Runner Dave Has Teamed Up With New Balance

Author: Mark Haddon | Tuesday 23rd April 2024

UK rap sensation Dave has teamed up with New Balance, stepping into the spotlight as the brand's freshest ambassador. And what's he promoting? None other than the sleek re-launch of the 1000SL sneaker.

This revamped footwear doesn't just aim to look good; it tells a story. Picture a street race scenario woven into its design, all while embodying a versatile essence that delves into the realms of culture, style, and individuality. With nods to its futuristic, turn-of-the-millennium origins, the New Balance 1000SL effortlessly merges into today's sneaker scene. Its streamlined silhouette, bold overlay panels, segmented sculpted sole unit, and nylon eyelets make it a standout choice for the modern sneakerhead.

But that's not all – the campaign behind this collaboration is just as impressive. Renowned photographer Ewen Spencer, renowned for capturing UK youth subcultures since the late 1990s, is behind the lens. And there's even a captivating short film in the mix, crafted by the creative minds at Uncanny studio, led by Elliot Elder and George Muncy.

Ready to elevate your sneaker game? Mark your calendars for April 24th when the New Balance 1000SL drops on the official website for £150 GBP. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on this stylish collaboration.