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J.I.D Wears New LACOSTE’S L003 2K24 Sneaker

J.I.D Wears New LACOSTE’S L003 2K24 Sneaker

Author: Mark Haddon | Friday 26th April 2024

Drawing inspiration from Lacoste’s rich history of French sportswear savoir faire, the L003 2K24 celebrates the inherent dignity and beauty of sport. Evolving from the dynamism of Lacoste’s celebrated Active range, the L003 2K24 encapsulates running codes in a versatile lifestyle shoe suitable for all terrains.

Highlighted by an all-new campaign featuring critically acclaimed musician J.I.D, the L003 2K24 arrives with a powerful message of liberation - embodying free movement, free-thinking, and bold energy. The campaign showcases the shoe's remarkable ability to blend grounded sophistication with unrestrained freedom, defying expectations by merging bold, angular movement with classic French architecture.

Pioneering Lacoste ambassadors, J.I.D and model Sabrina Lan, take center stage in the campaign, symbolizing the shoe's ability to transcend contexts and traverse all landscapes. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the L003 2K24 boasts the highest quality materials and advanced technology, ensuring optimal comfort and freedom.

Available in a range of colorways, including timeless white-green and classic all-black, the L003 2K24 nods to tennis heritage and Lacoste's iconic crocodile motif. Various multi-color styles add vibrancy and energy to the collection, reflecting the shoe's constant motion and speed.

In step with Lacoste’s iconic crocodile, the L003 2K24 embodies strength, power, and perpetual motion. With its ethos firmly grounded in both style and performance, the L003 2K24 is now available worldwide on and Lacoste in 8 colorways. Get ready to elevate your footwear game as Wimbledon approaches this summer.

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