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Jammer And Zed Bias Join Forces On New Mas Tiempo Release 'Qualified'

Jammer And Zed Bias Join Forces On New Mas Tiempo Release 'Qualified'

Author: Tom Dingley | Friday 7th June 2024

Jammer And Zed Bias Join Forces On New Mas Tiempo Release 'Qualified' Photograph

BBK's very own Jammer has joined forces with UKG icon Zed Bias for the latest release on Mas Tiempo titled 'Qualified'.

Jammer and Skepta's house label Mas Tiempo have done it again with this new track from Jammer and Zed Bias.

Get ready to groove into the summer with "Qualified," a fresh and vibrant track that seamlessly blends the soulful skippiness of UK Garage (UKG) with the timeless depth of classic house music. This captivating production promises to be your go-to anthem for the sunny season ahead.

"Qualified" stands out with infectious vocals and a supple, slinking bassline forming the track's rhythmic heartbeat. The song's vibrant lead melodies intertwine with rich chords, creating a lush, warm texture that envelops you in its allure. The track is a masterclass in fusing diverse musical elements, complemented by shuffling drums that add a dynamic, danceable edge.

As you listen, "Qualified" transports you into a world where every beat and note is carefully crafted, offering a well-rounded blend of sonic warmth and enchanting charm. This track creates a listening experience designed to uplift and energize, making it the perfect soundtrack for the incoming summer months.

Speaking on the collaboration with Zed Bias, Jammer said: “When people make music and have a writer, there's no depth to it. A&Rs just say, ‘Link that guy cos he’s popping and doing numbers’, but this collaboration is different. I’ve grown up on this man’s sound, and this is a whole new chapter for our music.”

You can listen to "Qualified" right here on Spotify and Apple Music