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JME releases long-awaited album 'Grime MC'

JME releases long-awaited album 'Grime MC'

Author: Liss Morales | Sunday 1st December 2019

JME releases long-awaited album 'Grime MC' Photograph

After four years, Grime artist JME has released his new album titled Grime MC... but there's a catch!

The last album that we received from JME was titled Integrity, and was released in 2015, and after teasing fans over the past year the MC has finally delivered his fourth studio album, Grime MC. However, the album will not be available on any digital streaming platforms.

JME is known for doing things differently than the majority, and it's worked out well for him thus far. His latest decision, not to release his project on streaming platforms, is another thing that will separate the artist from others, but we doubt it'll stop his fans from grabbing a copy of his album!

Grime MC is available on CD and vinyl and is an 18-track album which sees features from Skepta, Shakka, P Money, Giggs, President T, Wiley and Mercy Ace. You can purchase the project on CD in HMV or on vinyl at Amazon.

Check out the Grime MC tracklist below:

1. Of My Life
2. P***ks
3. Issmad
4. Dem Man Are Dead (ft Skepta)
5. This One
6. Nang (ft Skepta)
7. You Watch Me
8. Badman Walking Through (ft Shakka & P Money)
9. You Know
10. Knock Your Block Off (ft Giggs)
11. Ding Ding Ding (ft President T)
12. Yes Men (ft Wiley)
13. Move On
14. How Much
15. Change
16. Here
17. Live (ft Merky Ace)
18. Brothers & Sisters

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