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Wrecker returns with raw track 'Heart On Ice'

Wrecker returns with raw track 'Heart On Ice'

Author: Liss Morales | Sunday 1st December 2019

Wrecker returns with raw track 'Heart On Ice'  Photograph

Wrecker returns to the Link Up channel with his latest track titled Heart On Ice.

Wrecker tackles a mellow instrumental with honest and storytelling lyrics. His flow is relaxed and authentic, allowing the eye-opening bars to easily reach listeners. He's telling a tale of things he's witnessed and experienced, in a way that makes it easy for even those who have had no similar experiences to imagine what he's speaking of.

Heart On Ice visuals are delivered to us by Ade OG and show a robbery as the visuals start, which transitions into Wrecker spitting his bars whilst surrounded by his boys, including peer and fellow rapper Skeamer. Both the track and visuals are enticing, making Heart On Ice an easy replay on the playlists.

Check out the Heart On Ice visuals below, and share your thoughts with us over on Twitter.