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GeeYou calls on Young Adz for 'Push Weight'

GeeYou calls on Young Adz for 'Push Weight'

Author: Liss Morales | Friday 6th December 2019

GeeYou calls on Young Adz for 'Push Weight'  Photograph

GeeYou calls on D-Block Europe's Young Adz for new collaboration, Push Weight.

Featuring Young Adz, GeeYou's new single titled Push Weight is a track that has been highly-anticipated on social media for a short while after a snippet was released, teasing fans. The track is finally hear as sees both artists take on a bouncy instrumental with melodic flows and entertaining lyrics. Push Weight is catchy and has flashy lyrics that are fitting with the video.

The Teeeezy C visuals are boastful as they show lavish cars, designer garment, a clean apartment and shots of the artists rapping on the roads at night surrounded by many peers.

Check out the Push Weight visuals below, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.