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Mabel delivers Christmas single 'Loneliest Time Of Year'

Mabel delivers Christmas single 'Loneliest Time Of Year'

Author: Liss Morales | Friday 6th December 2019

Mabel delivers Christmas single 'Loneliest Time Of Year' Photograph

Mabel delivers brand-new Christmas single titled Loneliest Time Of Year.

Christmas is near, and we're at the time where those who celebrate are getting into the seasonal spirit. However, for some it isn't as exciting and cheerful as it is for others, and if you are one thos who isn't amped up for Christmas then Mabel's new track, Loneliest Time Of Year, is fitting for you.

Mabel uses her delicate tone to offer lyrics for the lonely, reminding those who aren't happy that they're not alone. Not only is the song meaningful and relatable, but Mabel's vocals shine on this track, making it feel enjoyable even if she's not singing the happiest lyrics.

The visuals are Christmas themed and look beautiful, but they also capture Mabel appearing sad on her lonesome, which fits the track perfectly.

Check out the Loneliest Time Of The Year visuals below, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.