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24KGOLDN Release Debut EP 'Dropped Outta College'

24KGOLDN Release Debut EP 'Dropped Outta College'

Author: Tevyn J | Friday 6th December 2019

Said to be delivering melodic rap songs with a rockstar attitude, 24kGoldn is clearly one of the West Coast's most promising breakout acts of late. Accumilating eight tracks that demonstrate his breadth of talents, Goldn shares 'Dropped Outta College', his upcoming debut EP. Recorded over the past year, the new EP tells the story of Goldn's life as a budding artist and a Univercity student at the University of Southern Calafornia, exploring the emotions, relationships, and desires he felt at the time. With production from the likes of D.A. Doman and Black Mayo, the EP vacillates from strutting trap on tracks like 'The Gram', to bouncy alt-rock on 'City of Angels', to breezy summertime pop on 'Been Here Before'. Though the EP hops from genre to genre, the 19-year-old artist is always convincing, buoyed by his powerful pipes, which can convey extreme confidence and frayed vulnerability in equal measure. Featuring previously released singles like 'A Lot To Lose', 'Games On Your Phone', and the viral US hit 'Valentino', the 'Dropped Outta College' EP is out now!

"Dropped Outta College tells the story of me moving to LA to study business at USC, and how that led to my music taking off to the point I had to leave," explains Goldn. "It encapsulates all the ups and downs of growing up, being a rising artist, and moving into a new city, all in one project. I wanted my project to be genuine and authentic to ALL of me, so no two songs sound alike. Each has a distinct feeling and sound to it; if I’m a multidimensional person, why should my music be any different?"

Originally released in January, 24kGoldn's full-throated banger 'Valentino' took a slow burn to success, gradually gaining fans before exploding in popularity in September. Driven by a viral craze on TikTok and a sync HBO's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson-starring series Ballers, 'Valentino' made its way onto Spotify's US Top 50 and reached the top 5 of Rolling Stone's new Trending 25 chart. Currently racking up over 5 million streams per week across platforms, and with over 90 million streams to date, 'Valentino' is currently sitting at #2 on Billboard's Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.

In September, Goldn delved into the digital world with the creative video for 'Games On Your Phone'. With animation from Sam Hochman, Max Renn, and Mike Manor, the innovative video finds Goldn pursuing his girlfriend across several digital realms, ranging from an 8-bit arcade, to a technicolor and surreal Japanese futurescape, to an uncannily realistic world with modern video game graphics. The San Francisco native recently opened for Landon Cube on a nationwide tour, and performed at Rolling Loud Bay Area.

Check out the 'Dropped Outta College' EP here now.