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Tantskii Releases An Heart-Felt Freestyle

Tantskii Releases An Heart-Felt Freestyle

Author: Triston Macauley | Monday 9th December 2019

Tantskii Releases An Heart-Felt Freestyle  Photograph

This freestyle just epitomises everything Tanskii is about. The Birmingham rapper has made a name for himself through his expression. His bars and lyrics are always delivered with raw emotion and passion.

The phrase keeping It sweet and simple definitely applies to this video. All we see is Tanskii and a microphone. But for this freestyle, the visuals are unnecessary as it’s all about the message behind the rapper’s bars.

Tanskii certainly possesses the art of making his listener feel every ounce of emotion that he conveys. This is the type of freestyle where you sit and take in every word the artist has to say/

Just like the visuals, the beat is sweet and simple. This gives Tanskii the freedom to do what he does best, and let his thoughts be heard.

Check out the video below: