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EA Sports Release FIFA 20

EA Sports Release FIFA 20

Author: Lewis Newman | Thursday 26th September 2019

 EA Sports Release FIFA 20 Photograph

Yes people, it’s that time of year again! The time where friendships are ruined, bets are made, controllers are broken and that one guy from school still swears that ‘Pro Evo is a better gameplay experience’. That’s right, it must be time for the latest instalment of the long running franchise we have all come to know and love. But will this year’s rehash come with more than a fresh menu screen and shiny new kits? In short, yes. EA have significantly raised the bar with this latest attempt.

The main new ingredient at the table this year, is Volta. If like me, you remember the days of after school FIFA Street sessions then this will be a welcome and familiar throwback for you. Teams are six aside, pitch venues range from the streets of London to Venice Beach and games are quick paced as skill heavy players dominate the small spaces of the arena. A short story mode comes with this new addition, but the real fun to be had here is online, pitting your team against the gamers of the world. Ultimate Team, House Rules and Career Mode also arrive with welcome new features, but the real highlight for the well-loved series this year is just how much fun there is to be had here. Games are filled with goals, speed merchants break away from their defenders more easily and the pivotal moments we face are much more memorable.

Time for one more game? FIFA 20 is out now on Xbox One and PlayStation.