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Introducing: Kavossi

Introducing: Kavossi

Author: Mr Montgomery | Wednesday 18th December 2019

Introducing: Kavossi  Photograph

There is nothing more refreshing than hearing new music. There’s so much music out these days that some songs get lost in the sauce.

I would like to introduce to you a new artist by the name of Kavossi, he has released the song 'Overload'. Artists are not to be boxed in a genre but, there is a market for Wavey music in the UK. This song has a soothing vibe, that takes you away.

Nowadays you’re not able to appreciate new artists due to the number of songs being released on a day to day basis. Let’s also remember the different outlets to push your music.

DBE have done a lot in the genre, so it’s only right we give birth to a new renaissance of artists.

Kavossi has the potential to carve his own lane. I’ll be following his journey and how he progresses as an artist in sound and character.

Pay close attention to this song: