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Get 2 Know: Young Dolph

Get 2 Know: Young Dolph

Author: Rae Mac | Thursday 19th December 2019

Get 2 Know: Young Dolph Photograph

American rapper Young Dolph has actively been making waves in the music scene and has now solidified his name boasting a collective of over 5 million followers on social media platforms. No stranger to creating music which reflects on his upbringing and life lessons. Before taking the musical route, Young Dolph was a budding track athlete who won a scholarship at the University Of Tennessee before the release of his highly esteemed ‘King Of Memphis’ and ‘Bulletproof’.

Rae: You’re currently on tour, already you’ve covered Paris and Birmingham, next stop Amsterdam and Ireland. Do you find travelling contributes to your music or does the lifestyle make it challenging to keep your creativity flowing?

Young Dolph: It’s all about the experience, it’s all about what you learn and it’s fun, you know what I mean? It’s all about capturing moments, I’m going around the world, catching planes and doing different things. It’s a super dope experience.

Rae: Who are your musical influences?

Young Dolph: All the artists on Cash Money, Gucci Mane, UGK, Three 6 Mafia and Snoop Dogg.

Rae: Being someone that has had to be self-sufficient from quite a young age, you’ve learnt valuable life lessons, but what do you feel the music industry has taught you?

Young Dolph: The music industry’s taught me about resistance. Whatever you think or whatever you want to do go ahead and do it. It’s also taught me to be really responsible, whatever ideas or thoughts you have, don’t move slow on it. Move fast with your ideas and your workflow period.

Rae: Who would you like to collaborate within the U.K and why? Is there anybody in the U.K music scene that you’re currently listening to?

Young Dolph: I really like my guy Giggs, he’s what's up, and Skepta, I just be trying to listen to a lot of different type of music.

Rae: What is your advice to aspiring artists?

Young Dolph: Work hard, don’t ever stop! Just keep on working, if you really believe in yourself then don’t stop what you want to do.