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J Hus reveals audio of brand-new track 'No Denying'

J Hus reveals audio of brand-new track 'No Denying'

Author: Liss Morales | Friday 27th December 2019

J Hus reveals audio of brand-new track 'No Denying' Photograph

J Hus reveals the audio of his brand-new track titled No Denying.

If you follow JHusNews on Instagram then you would've heard the snippets of this new track already, and if not, well it's here now for you to indulge in. No Denying sees Hus take on a bouncy instrumental as he plays with different flows to deliver a striking new song. Also, Hus' lyrical content has slightly changed to being slightly more teachable. No Denying is well-rounded, adding more anticipation for the forthcoming album.

In recent months, J Hus has been sharing knowledge and his opinions on Snapchat and Twitter, and he has also stated that he will be sharing more to help his supporters reach a higher level of understanding and knowledge. We expect to hear more teachings in his music.

J Hus' second studio album is allegedly set to be released in January, but until then get into No Denying. No Denying is now available on all streaming platforms.

Check out No Denying below, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.