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A2 Releases Visuals For The Vibe Laced Banger 'Renegade'

A2 Releases Visuals For The Vibe Laced Banger 'Renegade'

Author: Tonte Bo Douglas | Sunday 5th January 2020

A2 Releases Visuals For The Vibe Laced Banger 'Renegade' Photograph

A2 has been showing that he is one of the best that the UK has to offer for some time now. His 2017 project 'Blue' was one of the notable releases of the year and since then, we had all been left everyone waiting for a new project from him until 2019 where he released the critically acclaimed 'All Spill'.

From this 2019 project, A2 brings us the visuals for the smooth 'Renegade' - an introspective reflection about life, love and the pressures of keeping everything together while trying to be successful. Looking over the city landscape, A2 thinks back to memories of past shows, previous romantic relationships and the time spent in the studio making music and you can tell that he had a lot on his mind when he made this song here.

The visuals (directed by Jordon Wi-Fi) are vibe filled and aesthetically pleasing and perfectly bring to life the mood of the song - somewhat dark, moody, melancholy yet poetic and vibrant.

Watch the full video below.