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A.I.M Releases Football Inspired Banger With 'Barca'

A.I.M Releases Football Inspired Banger With 'Barca'

Author: Tonte Bo Douglas | Tuesday 7th January 2020

A.I.M Releases Football Inspired Banger With 'Barca' Photograph

In 2020 it's going to be interesting to see how many up and coming talents break out through releasing good music. A.I.M looks like he can be one of those names with his release of the visuals for his latest song named 'Barca'. A track filled with football references that most die-hard fans will be able to recognise instantly:

"I prefer not to speak like Mourinho"

"Make you look silly like Messi did Ferdinand"

"We don't switch sides here like Figo"

The video features football related image backdrops throughout to bring to life some of the lyrics and the actual song features a catchy hook and quotables which will definitely get your attention when you hear them. 'Barca' is one song that is guaranteed to blow this year.

Watch the full video below and comment if you enjoyed the tune.