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R.A and Giggs team up once again for 'Grateful'

R.A and Giggs team up once again for 'Grateful'

Author: Tonte Bo Douglas | Saturday 11th January 2020

R.A and Giggs team up once again for 'Grateful' Photograph

R.A has been on a prolific run since he has come back to the scene, with him being a man on a mission, in 2019, in terms of letting everyone know that he is still one of the best in the game.

Brixton and Peckham's finest, R.A and Giggs join forces and get 2020 off on the right foot with Grateful, which sees them both delivering two hard verses over a banger of an instrumental. These two rappers are two of the best out when it comes to that raw rap, and you can tell that they both knew to bring it on this one.

This was definitely a statement track from both, which you can tell by one of the powerful lines to open the tune from R.A - "We the hardest in the South [South London], that's still a FACT." Let us know on our socials if you agree with that statement.

Watch the lyric video below and hear the full song for yourself.