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WSTRN make an appearance on 'For The Culture' podcast

WSTRN make an appearance on 'For The Culture' podcast

Author: Tonte Bo Douglas | Sunday 12th January 2020

WSTRN make an appearance on 'For The Culture' podcast Photograph

In the UK music scene, WSTRN have been one of the main collectives for some time now. They are in their own lane and drop hits after hits. On the latest episode of For The Culture podcast, the group appear to talk about their sound, their position in the game, and their entire journey from humble beginnings to limitless success.

Akelle recently came home from jail, and all three WSTRN members discuss their plans now that they are a complete group again. They also reflect on how Haile and Louis kept the group successful and consistent despite being a member down.

This episode of For The Culture is a great insight into what their mindset was whilst Akelle was away because you hear first-hand how they felt when their hit Ben' Ova came out to a positive reception despite there being only two members on the song. Then from there, as they continued to make hits such as Sharna and Medusa, they speak on keeping the momentum going even more which led to where they are now, focused and ready to deliver hits in 2020.

You can watch the full episode below and see everything they had to talk about.