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Dabeatfreakz announce grand opening of Charlton's first black owned barbers

Dabeatfreakz announce grand opening of Charlton's first black owned barbers

Author: Thelma Khupe | Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Dabeatfreakz announce grand opening of Charlton's first black owned barbers Photograph

This weekend, January 25th, 2020 at 2 pm, marks the grand opening of DFB cuts.

The barbershop is more than just a place for a quick trim or a shape up. It’s a place for community, a social spot, somewhere black men and boys have always been able to find friendships and bond over hair and the wider world. But this barbershop particularly holds a special place in the hearts of Charlton’s locals.

‘We’ve seen so many things growing up in the area, good and bad. A lot of the friends we grew up with are in prison or, worse, have died’

Dabeatfreakz were fortunate enough to have established successful careers within the music industry and escape the harsh realities of some of the community’s disenfranchisement. ‘We thought this is the perfect time to give something back to the area and community’.

The now renovated barbers was once a local corner shop and longstanding memorabilia of the Charlton area. ‘This was the place our parents would send us to go buy milk and bread. The same place we used to steal bus passes/travel cards from to print out and then sell at school’. When we heard about the opportunity to buy the shop, we jumped at it’.

After a long two years of having been shut down and dormant, understandably there was a lot of work to do, but persistence, perseverance, and faith is what kept the renovation alive. ‘It was because of our family’s prayers and togetherness that we were able to push through and now we’re more than happy with the results’. And rightfully so. The multi-platinum selling producers from a small area in southeast London, are about the open to first black-owned barbershop in the Charlton area. And the work rate doesn’t stop there. ‘Our main focus once we open, is to give free barber and business management training to the young people of southeast London.’

The music duo is on a mission to give back to the community in a way that will help aid younger generations, through providing the tools and a foundation to become successful. In a social climate where young black men are unfairly targeted by the media, role models such as the likes of Dabeatfreaks are important for young black men to look up to.

We’re looking forward to the Grand opening this weekend, keep posted on our social media for coverage of the event!