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Boney Bonez drops ‘Luv U Better’ Remix

Boney Bonez drops ‘Luv U Better’ Remix

Author: Liss Morales | Thursday 23rd January 2020

Boney Bonez drops ‘Luv U Better’ Remix  Photograph

Boney Bonez makes a long-awaited return with his brand-new Luv U Better Remix.

Birmingham-hailing rapper Boney Bonez has dropped his remix of the popular track Luv U Better by LL Cool J. This track is one for the ladies as the artist talks on relationships, sexual tensions and exclusivity.

Reminiscent of the times when tracks such as Do You Think About Me by Scorcher and Wretch, and Good Girl by Kyze, were popping, Bonez new track will resonate with many from its smoothness to the lyrical content. And also, we may see some ladies receiving this Luv U Better Remix from their significant others if it fits their story.

Check out Luv U Better Remix below, and subscribe to Boney Bonez Soundcloud for more music.