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Nat Slater shares her new single ‘List of Priorities’

Nat Slater shares her new single ‘List of Priorities’

Author: Mr Montgomery | Tuesday 28th January 2020

Nat Slater shares her new single ‘List of Priorities’ Photograph

It's a new week, so we need to find some fresh new music, this week I've found a young artist by the name of Nat Slater who has just released her single 'List Of Priorities'.

The single is produced by Monro (Jhene Aiko) and it draws towards Nat’s approach to her music - chilled and personal, it is also an excellent display of Nat’s songwriting. With each word delicately delivered, Nat doesn’t shy away from expressing her disappointment for being an afterthought to someone she holds dear to her, but yet they don’t reciprocate.

Singers in the urban are hugely underrated, they don't usually gain the recognition they deserve.

Nat has been working closely with Mark Hill, a founding member of Artful Dodger (‘Re-Rewind’ Craig David), a connection that stretches back years on end before Nat was born, as her mum Lynn Eden, formerly served as a vocalist for the UK garage duo. Together in 2019, Nat and Mark collaborated on a special project, a neo-garage motif titled ‘Happy Without Me’.

The song is available on all streaming platforms and is the first to come from the 19-year-old.