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NEW @RussMillions x Buni Release New Video 'Unruly'

NEW @RussMillions x Buni Release New Video 'Unruly'

Author: Boy Nash | Friday 7th February 2020

NEW @RussMillions x Buni Release New Video 'Unruly' Photograph

Russ is back with his debut release of the year, the song is a joint collaboration with Buni. Russ had a great 2019 and I believe 2020 will most likely be the same. He knows his sound and his audience.

The Visual to 'Unruly' features a surprising cameo from Paigey Cakey, to be honest, I did not see that one coming. The visual is directed by jay parpworth who does a great job on it, and it also sees Russ unveil his new artist logo.

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