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. @YoungsTeflon drops new track '6AM In Miami'

. @YoungsTeflon drops new track '6AM In Miami'

Author: Boy Nash | Friday 14th February 2020

. @YoungsTeflon drops new track '6AM In Miami' Photograph

Youngs Teflon is arguably top five in the area of street rap. Over the years, Teflon has stayed consistent and relevant. His first release of the year scooped over 100k views, and now he has hit us with the audio of his latest release titled '6AM In Miami'.

6AM In Miami sees Tef ride over a Hip-Hop Griselda beat exhibiting elements of soul. The vocal sample adds emotion to the music, whilst the uniqueness of Teflon being able to play both sides of the field adds another element of interest to the song. The rapper can killl a Drill beat and also ride over a Hip-Hop beat with style. He's a very talented individual.

We look forward to hearing more music from Youngs Teflon in 2020. Let us know what you think of this new track.