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NEW @TE_dness Returns With New Visual 'Lil Birdy'

NEW @TE_dness Returns With New Visual 'Lil Birdy'

Author: Boy Nash | Friday 14th February 2020

NEW @TE_dness Returns With New Visual 'Lil Birdy' Photograph

Its happy times for the UK rap scene. I am pleased to announce TE dness is back from his hiatus. He has been absent from rap for a minute dealing with corporate issues. Good to have you back brother. Te dness drops a new song titled lil birdy over a Nifty Struggle instrumental. The instrumental is smooth with nice high pitched sounds as well as a synthetic flute which plays a hypnotic melody throughout the song. He raps raw and hard as usual whilst narrating things that have happened within his life. The beat suits his vocals so well.

The video shows cameos from See Jay 100 and I think Emak. The visuals are simple and straight to the point allowing you to focus on the lyrics of the song. Give the video a watch and let's get behind TE dness, real rap will survive.