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Trillary Banks is talking to… 'You'

Trillary Banks is talking to… 'You'

Author: Xmpress | Saturday 15th February 2020

Trillary Banks is talking to… 'You' Photograph

Supporters will be very aware that Trillary Banks is one of the biggest female rappers from Leicester. Over the years she has definitely made a name for herself across the whole of the Midlands and London music scene as well. Holding her own as a rapper in a male-dominated industry, she continues to be unfazed and her fiery determination is steadily closing the gap, making her both well known and well respected in this battlefield.

Trillary has been active with her interviews, performances, new singles and videos. Sexy nuh bloodcl**rt videos at that. So it is no surprise that she would deliver again, on Valentines Day as well, with new single "You" featuring Jamaican artist Dejour. (For those of you wondering who Dejour is - listen to 'Proper Touch'... reeeehhh woooiii LAAAWD!). What may be a surprise, however, is the level of sauce Trillary dripped this time. Like 10/10. Grown'n'Sexy. November babies pending type sexy!

In previous videos, we have seen Trillary experiment with her outfits and locations. One thing that strikes out consistently is her confidence. She is comfortable in her skin, owns her sexiness and never seems afraid to turn on the shock factor by stepping over into provocative territories. Dressed in a lacy black body, laying seductively on a bed, Trillary describes exactly how she likes to get down. Her ever naughty, patois delivered lyrics are sure to raise a few eyebrows (and possibly suttum else! *cough* eh eh!). The video features a few more beauties, all dressed to tease and set hearts racing. Everything from solo, girl on girl and threesomes is hinted at in this video, so it's safe to say, she definitely intended to mad unuh heads with this one! Dejour features nicely, keeping a laid back approach, delivering a sexy chorus, harmonies and bad behaviour lyrics in his verses. Gwaan nuh Trillary, yuh did show dem ah real hot gyal once again inna dis one… Just mind ah nuh YOU weh end up pregnant! Lol


Twitter: @TrillaryBanks6
Instagram: @TrillaryOfficial