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G Bugz calls on JJ Esko for ‘Trapspot’ visuals

G Bugz calls on JJ Esko for ‘Trapspot’ visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 11th June 2021

G Bugz calls on JJ Esko for ‘Trapspot’ visuals  Photograph

G Bugz has linked up with JJ Esko for new visuals to ‘Trapspot’.

Both rappers deliver straight-to-the-point bars over a bouncy instrumental. G Bugz gets the track started with a greazy chorus about making money in the trap. He follows up with a verse continuing the theme of trapping and life on road. JJ Esko enters the frame in a similar fashion by rapping cruddy bars filled with savagery.

The KGV-directed visuals are simple and direct as we see both rappers on the road with their crew whilst spitting bars.

‘Trapspot’ is a raw offering and C Bugz and JJ Esko do not hold back from painting the perfect picture of the gritty life they live.

Be sure to take in ‘Trapspot’ below – exclusively on Link Up TV.