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Exclusive: Demarco speaks on upcoming album, life lessons and more

Exclusive: Demarco speaks on upcoming album, life lessons and more

Author: Rachel Onilude | Thursday 24th June 2021

Exclusive: Demarco speaks on upcoming album, life lessons and more Photograph

International dancehall star, producer, and all-around Jamaican music legend Demarco digs into his upbringing, new leading single ‘Mover’, producing, crucial life lessons, his upcoming album and more.

Demarco’s special relationship with music transcends deeply; the 38-year-old artist delayed the album release as he did not feel like he was under the right label. After being signed to a new label that resonates with his brand, Demarco decided 2021 is the year he will release his anticipated album ‘Melody’.

‘Melody’ will be released October 22 through California’s Ineffable Records. The over-a decade in the making project holds a deep connection with Demarco’s life as it is named after his newborn daughter, and is full of melodies.

When describing his creative process on the album, Demarco states, “music is timeless” a lot of the tracks are refurbished beats but still are very current. ‘Melody’ will feature several honourable artists such as Sean Paul, Shaggy, Sarkodie, Stephen Marley and Ky-mani Marley. His ability to choose the most fitting feature for a track stems from Demarco’s musical intuition: “I’m very musical, so when I create and hear a track, I can hear another artist on the track”. His musical range is limitless and if he could collaborate with any other artist, it ranges from Nicki Minaj to J Balvin.

Demarco has been responsible for creating some of the biggest dance-hall tracks of all time. Examples include an all-time favourite; Charly Black’s ‘Gyal You a Party Animal’. He recalls his interest in production: “When I was 15/16, I used to be in Jamaica under my friend’s mango tree thinking, "I can’t wait till my riddims sound like this". That time I didn’t even know how to make a beat.”

The dancehall star constantly evolves; his urge to seek new knowledge, stimulate his mind and find ways to improve himself as an artist is empowering. Demarco shares several unforgettable life lessons for fans and upcoming artists:

"I believe as an artist, instead of investing in all these cars, jewellery, invest in your brand, make your brand and yourself marketable. I got all the necessary stuff to enhance my brand.”

The importance of knowing your musical rights, royalties, publishing and what you are entitled to is crucial. Demarco highlights how pivotal it is to get an entertainment lawyer. “When I got a lawyer, I learnt a lot about the music business, how to set up my own label, how to get codes, royalties and neighbouring rights", he said.

"A lot of artists are missing out on money, especially in Jamaica, because they don’t know about a lot of stuff."

Demarco unmasks a different side; he wants fans to know he is a very jokey person. He teaches the significance of working on your brand and always considers his supporters. When he produced leading single ‘Mover', he wanted to create a club vibe for the ladies to dance to and he succeeded. It will be exciting to hear what comes next.

Melody is out on October 22. It will not be one to miss so stay tuned!