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Mic Assassin releases inspiring new track 'Invest'

Mic Assassin releases inspiring new track 'Invest'

Author: Daniel David | Wednesday 7th July 2021

Mic Assassin releases inspiring new track 'Invest' Photograph

Following his return at the end of 2020 with the track '5 Wings,' Mic Assassin is back with powerful and inspiring new track 'Invest.'

The track featuring rising UK talent CRS with production coming from producer BadMilk, sees Mic speak on topics like entrepreneurship, financial education and community cohesion. Mic put this together at one of his darkest times, stranded abroad during the coronavirus pandemic. At exactly this time, Mic was simultaneously representing himself valiantly in the still ongoing 18-month Race Discrimination case against supermarket giant Co-op.

The song's catchy hook of “Invest in your Bredrins / Invest in your Family /Invest in your People / 'Cause slaving for them is insanity," also provides a great message. Mic laces the verses with his trademark wordplay with references to Jay-Z's 'Reasonable Doubt' album, Pennywise and Wu Tang.

This song has become a personal celebration and has helped Mic battle through this stressful, anxious, and depressive period - his legal tribunal commences in-person 1 week after 'Invest' drops for its July 3rd release date.

Be sure to check out the song below