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Tommy Evans releases new album 'Collateral Beauty'

Tommy Evans releases new album 'Collateral Beauty'

Author: Daniel David | Friday 16th July 2021

Tommy Evans releases new album 'Collateral Beauty' Photograph

Following his comeback and the success of his return projects 'Antifragile' and 'Sinchronicity,' UK Hip Hop legend Tommy Evans returns with album Collateral Beauty. Teaming with UK DMC finalist Bobby Hex, Collateral Beauty is 12 tracks of soulful style and substance. On 'Sunshine' Tommy pays homage to A Tribe Called Quest's 'Midnight' from the classic album 'Midnight Marauders' and on humourous 'Ice Cream' there's a tribute to Wu Tang Clan.

Tommy tackles topics like the facade of social media on 'Fantasy,' and the longness of colleagues on 'So Long.' Whatever the topic, Tommy always brings a positive spin on it, lacing the track with clever wordplay and a deluge of references to movies, TV, books and music.

Tommy has always kept his ear to the ground, on the lookout for emerging artists, and on this on he has features from up and coming spoken word artist Jayda David, along with Neo-Soul artist Svetlana and spoken word artist Lola Oh.

With the weather getting better, this is the perfect summer album, play this one in your garden or at a BBQ and let the witty wordplay and soulful production set the vibes.