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Greentea Peng releases hypnotic debut album 'Man Made'

Greentea Peng releases hypnotic debut album 'Man Made'

Author: Rachel Onilude | Saturday 5th June 2021

Greentea Peng releases hypnotic debut album 'Man Made' Photograph

South East, London rising star Greentea Peng crafts her spiritual journey through a meditative stimulating musical experience with her debut album 'MAN MADE'.

The Neo-soul artist reinforces her peaceful aura over 18-tracks; each track embodying a different sound, feel and vibe. MAN MADE's hypotonic instrumental influence complements the album: the funky guitar, gentle bass, vibrating reggae rhythms, fluttering flute and sinking melodies all absorb a medicinal, relaxed feel.

With her 2021 tour sold out and success with previous singles ‘Nah It Ain’t The Same’, ‘Dingaling’, ‘Hu Man’ and 'Spells', the demand for the artists full-length project has been high. MAN MADE sees Greentea Peng’s multi-crossed sound continues to feel surreal and trance-inducing as immaculate production glides into different stories throughout the albums progression. Greentea unlocks layers of truth, hardship, pain, societal issues, and levels of spirituality and rebirth.

MAN MADE is for the people: lyrically powerful, vocally honeyed voiced, metaphoric, and commands social change. Greentea Peng’s talent, style and sound are incomparable. Through her raw aura and musical production, her debut album feels like an escape from reality.

Be sure to listen to MAN MADE below and read our exclusive interview with Greentea Peng here!